Monday, July 15, 2024

• Release of a questionnaire, which will collect information about figures, policies, activities and good practices on YAC in each of the partner countries.
• Analysis of results (full report and short version).

Study visit in Ireland (May 2013): participants will meet with key national innovators in young carer support services; be presented with a work plan for a newly established regional young carers project; and discuss the relevant data from the Irish Census (2011 Census, published November 2012) which for the first time will formally and accurately capture the prevalence of young carers in Ireland.

Study visit in Holland (October 2013): Participants will meet with the Dutch network for supporting young carers, to build local interest and involve network partners in the project work and ensure future sustainability.

Study visit in Scotland (January 2014): partners will visit a young carers project which supports young adult carers into further education, employment and training in the UK.

Study visit in Germany (March 2014): Partners will visit Hamburg to meet with an organization which supports young carers. Up to now, WIR PFLEGEN has focussed on supporting young carers up to 18 years old, but they are aware of the gap in support for YAC. This new initiative is based on the results of a research project. Services offered by this organisation include peer support through knowledge exchange, respite, and counselling both for the young carer and the relative for whom they care, where there may be family problems.

• Study visit in Italy (May 2014): partners will meet representatives of condition-specific associations offering support programmes for young adult carers and experts from the Italian perspective.

Outcomes of the survey, reports of the study visits, lessons learned and a collection of best practices in the field of support to YAC will be gathered in a Handbook downloadable from this website