Monday, July 15, 2024

A selection of interesting resources on young carers:

Postcards for awareness raising

Young carers’ transitions into adulthood
Published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Voices of young adult carers
Stories of young adult carers’ experiences of caring and learning.

Good Practice Carers and Young Carers Stories – Caring Together and Getting it Right for Young Carers
The Carers and Young Carers Strategy for Scotland 2010 -2015.

Young carers and young adult cares in Suffolk
A multi-agency strategy for Suffolk 2010-1013.

Learning with care: Experiences of student carers in the UK
National research into the experiences of student carers, 2013.

Hidden from view: the experiences of young carers in England
The Children’s Society, 2013.

Towards Seamless Support – An inquiry into service provision and the transition experiences of young adult carers in Dundee
Dundee Carers Centre – 2011.

‘How no?’ – Young adult carers’ experiences of barriers to further education, training and employment in Dundee
Dundee Carers Centre – June 2010.

German students – a hidden group of young adult carers
In German.

Perceived Stress in Young Carers: Development of a Measure
Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Young Carers: Mature Before Their Time
Reclaiming children and youth –

Young Carers and their Families
Archives of Disease in Childhood – ProQuest Education Journals.

Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Caregivers: Results of a Statewide Study to Determine Needs and Desires for Support
Early Childhood Education Journal.

Early Caregiving and Adult Depression: Good News for Young Caregivers
The Gerontologist – ProQuest Education Journals.

Presentazione del progetto ToYAC (in italian)

Young Adult Carers in the UK
Experiences, Needs and Services for Carers aged 16-24.

Young Carers in Europe. An Exploratory Cross-National Study in Britain, France, Sweden and Germany
Loughborough University – Young Carers Research Group in association with the European Research Centre.

Study of Young Carers in the Irish Population – Main report

A selection of interesting links on young carers:
My Mother has Bipolar – An online blog edited by a young daughter of a bipolar patient (In italian and English)
The impact of parents’ chronic medical condition on children. Dr. Dominik Sebastian Sieh (psychologist and family therapist