Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In research many protective factors are mentioned:

Protective factors relevant for Young Adult Carers
a Social support from a social network
b Skills to find solutions
c Cooperation between involved care professionals
d Appropriate assistance, counselling
e Participation

Protective factors relevant for society
f Raising public awareness
g Legislation and legal
h Counselling services and support for YAC

3.5 Could you indicate which 5 protective factors of all that are mentioned are the most important in your opinion?

3.6 Can you explain why these 5 protective factors are relevant for your country? In your answer, think of the socio-cultural circumstances mentioned earlier.

3.7 Are there any protective factors you miss? Which are these?

3.8 Can you explain why this/these missing protective factor(s) is/are relevant for your country?

3.9 Can you give examples of good practices (of policy measures) in your country in which risk factors are tackled and/or protective factors are strengthened?

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