Wednesday, May 23, 2018

With regard to the definition of Young Adult Carers, the proposal is to use this definition:

‘We define young adult carers as people aged 18-24 who provide or intend to provide care, assistance or support to another family member on an unpaid basis. The person receiving care is often a parent but can be a sibling, grandparent, partner, own child or other relative who is disabled, has some chronic illness, mental health problem or other condition (including substance misuse) connected with a need for care, support or supervision.’

1.1 Do you think it is necessary to adjust this definition for your country?

1.2 In which way would you want to change this definition?

1.3 Why? In your answer, think of social and cultural factors in your country as

1.4 Among the following aspects which ones do you think play a role as causes of vulnerability?

1.4.1 Are there specific aspects of Young Adult Carers that should be dealt with in the definition that are not yet mentioned? Which aspect(s)?

1.4.2 Could you indicate the relevancy of these aspects in your opinion by ranking these aspects. Use the numbers 1 to 4 (1 = most important aspect; 4 is least important aspect). Limited opportunities - Difficulties in leaving home - Lack of understanding from peers, restricted friendships, limited opportunities for social and leisure activities - Emotional difficulties

1.4.3 Why are these aspects most / least relevant in your country? In your answer, think of the socio-cultural circumstances mentioned earlier.

1.5  Does your country have reliable figures on the number and characteristics of young adult carers? If yes, please answer questions 1.5.1 and 1.5.2.

1.5.1 If yes, what are the figures?

1.5.2 If yes, which research shows these figures?

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