Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Risk factors raise the chance of negative influence on the young adult carer. Protective factors on the other hand decrease this chance. 

In research many risk factors are mentioned:

Factors concerning the person who is ill
a Lengthy illness duration of person who is being cared for
b Many limitations due to the illness
c Psychiatric problems of person who is being cared for
d Low level of predictability on the progression of the illness

Factors concerning relations young adult carer
e Small social network, isolation
f separation of the parent
g No recognition for the care a young adult carer provides
h Lack of bonding with the mother
i Single parenthood, the Young Adult Carers had one parent
j Low quality of marital relationship
k Parental depression

Factors concerning the young adult carer personally
l Few coping skills
m Female gender of the young adult carer (female are a greater risk for stress than male)

n High frequency of caring tasks
o Financial problems in the family
p Little leisure time
q Low socio-economic status (SES)

3.1 Could you indicate which 5 risk factors of all that are mentioned (not by category) are the most important for Young Adult Carers in your opinion?

3.2 Can you explain why these 5 risk factors are most relevant for Young Adult Carers in your country? In your answer, think of the socio-cultural circumstances mentioned earlier.

3.3 Are there any risk factors you miss? Which are these? 

3.4 Can you explain why this/these missing risk factor(s) is/are relevant for your country?

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